Biofuels starving our people

by Gato Azul via flickr

the Guardian, April 22 2008

“How important is life and how important are cars? So I say life first and cars second.”

In his UN speech, Morales [Bolivian president] called for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to take action against the biofuel industry “in order to avoid hunger and misery among our people”.

Reuters reported Garcia [Peruvian president] as saying biofuels were “creating very serious problems for countries that have to import these (food) products. We believe there are alternative energies that do not put the world’s food in danger.”

Peru’s government has been forced to hand out food to the poorest in the country’s capital, Lima, because of the crisis caused by rising food prices. It has cut tariffs and raised interest rates to try to curb inflation, which rose 4% last year.

Allegra Stratton and agencies

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